when did you realize the way you’re working isn’t working for you anymore?

After years of hustle and grind, you’re on top. Where you set out to be.  Yet, why doesn’t it feel like enough? Your effort in and your satisfaction out – it’s skewed. Trapped between the image you’ve built and the raw self you want to be. Inside there’s a fear others can see your inner battles.  Thoughts of self-doubt and stagnation hinder your ability to see the horizon clearly.  What if you stall?  Will the team burn out?  Will results falter?  Welcome to another sleepless night.

our approach

A stuck leader is a neutered leader.  Stuck leaders waste precious energy fretting about what used to be and not what could be.  This energy does not positively affect their business, their team, their family and their community and everyone’s innate desire to grow suffers. 

1. We empower an individual leader to reach their fullest human potential, disrupting old paradigms, honing a more unitive mindset and allowing them to self-author their desired future and rise to the demands of today’s challenges.

2. As the leader flourishes, so do their businesses and teams. Teammates witness a new way of leading being displayed.

3. When ready, we amplify their evolved practices across their units creating a groundswell cultural revival.

Instead of mere words on plaques, we instill transformative beliefs and behaviors throughout the organization — one leader at a time.

we are driven by our core beliefs

we believe that we all deserve to become a better human through the work we perform.

we believe that this will only happen when one courageous leader goes first in the journey.

to grow we must first disrupt

our why

simply because work today is not working for far too many people

The modern workplace is complex, with shifting decisions, endless hierarchies, and a volatile market. This depletes even the strongest leaders, resulting in passively compliant cultures.

Such cultures suppress creativity and drain employee passion. Disheartened employees struggle at home and in the community, failing to address today’s challenges.

Shouldn’t work leadership enhance our ability to lead in our homes and society? Why does it seem to be just the opposite? Our work too often drains our creative ability to tackle today’s toughest social, economic and political challenges.

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