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Jim is a guy much like you. For 25 years, he thrived in the corporate world. He built teams, managed budgets, increased revenue, and facilitated over 20,000 hours of leadership programs. As he traveled the world, working with leaders and assisting customers, he became acutely aware of the misdirected energy within corporate structures. Instead of channeling energy towards solving problems and boosting productivity, many employees and leaders divert a significant portion of their efforts into navigating bureaucracy and hierarchies.

Jim, like many, learned to flourish in this corporate maze, but it came at the cost of his leadership at home and in his community. During one particularly grueling stretch of consecutive corporate travel, he found himself at a breaking point in a hotel room. He pondered: Could he genuinely lead his family in this rapidly changing culture while climbing the corporate ladder? Could he address pressing societal challenges in his community while juggling an ever-growing list of job demands? Could he lead a life of purpose and legacy while being on the road for work 60% of the time? He felt spread too thin, with a future that appeared grim. He felt stagnant, burned out, and began to distance himself from his relationships.

However, by refocusing on what truly mattered and emphasizing and’s over but’s or or’s, Jim crafted breakthrough solutions for both himself and his employer. He led a team and pursued a coaching certification. He developed organizational transformation plans and established an internal coaching organization. He applied coaching techniques both at work and at home. Gradually, things began to change. His career blossomed and his relationships deepened.

In 2020, amidst global unrest and uncertainty, Jim discerned a significant shift in the value proposition employees sought from their employers. With traditional work methods undergoing a seismic shift, he realized many leaders would be caught unprepared, leading to a diminished work experience for both leaders and their teams. Recognizing the urgency, Jim took a bold step away from the corporate realm to offer his personal insights and coaching expertise to external clients. Thus, conjunction leadership was born.

Certified by the International Coaching Federation and as a leadership facilitator with Blanchard, Insights and the Leadership Circle, Jim utilizes a diverse range of tools and programs. This arsenal enables him to serve his clients with a harmonious blend of science and art. His firsthand experiences and broad client base equip him to connect with any executive, while also challenging them to step out of their comfort zones. His unique disrupt, bridge, and grow process steers leaders towards self-discovery, mindset evolution, and tangible growth for both themselves and their teams.

Jim lives in Indiana with his wife and five children. Outside of assisting clients and attending his children’s events, he’s an avid supporter of the Purdue Boilermakers, enjoys tending to animals on his family farm, stays active with regular workouts, and devours as many books and podcasts as he can.

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