we grow leaders through executive coaching

Leaders aiming for enhanced results and growth need to recognize the root of their outcomes. While many attempt to modify behaviors, this approach can be fleeting. Why? Because behaviors stem from beliefs. Behavior modification alone does nothing for the underlying issue. For example, If you view people as untrustworthy, you’ll lead with strictness and compliance. However, believing in people’s inherent trustworthiness guides leadership towards autonomy and empowerment.

True growth arises from reshaping beliefs, which paves the way for new behaviors. Disrupting one’s mindset can initially feel unsettling, and it’s in this space that executive coaching shines.

Engaging with a coach offers leaders a transformative journey. In a non-judgmental environment, leaders can crystallize their goals and confront their apprehensions with candid feedback.

Coaching isn’t about giving advice; it’s about propelling you towards your desired future and genuine leadership.

Emboldened with a new outlook on leading and more passion behind their purpose, the enhanced leader is able to model productive behaviors for the teams and organizations they support, thus paving the way for others to follow in their journey of self-discovery and self-actualization.

At conjunction leadership, we are certified practitioners of the leadership circle profile. With select clients, we use this 360 instrument to help leaders understand how their leadership is received, disrupt old patterns, and shift toward the competencies proven to be most correlated with leadership effectiveness and business results.

we grow leaders through team development

Once a leader gets comfortable leading as a conjunction leader, they will soon want to accelerate their influence by bringing the collective power of the team behind them.  

A team thrives on a shared goal. However, many teams lack clarity on their objectives, operating norms, and the agreements that ensure smooth functioning. This is a recipe for conflict.  While conflict is inevitable, a team’s success lies in channeling disagreements into innovative solutions, rather than letting them spiral into unproductive drama.

conjunction leadership’s team development sessions utilize established frameworks to foster a unified language and approach, driving exceptional outcomes. Key session topics include:

  • Cultivating trust and being trustworthy
  • Self-awareness and valuing diverse perspectives
  • Adapting leadership styles to team needs
  • Establishing clear goals, norms, and deliverables
  • Overcoming self-imposed limits and embracing self-leadership
  • Recognizing generational nuances in the workplace
  • Promoting proactive accountability.

Jim’s experience personally leading teams, coaching leaders and facilitating over 20,000 hours of team development sessions enables him to expertly customize an experience for your teams’ unique challenges.

we grow leaders through culture mapping

Seth Godin aptly defines culture as “people like us doing things like this.” Every organization inherently possesses a culture. However, when left unchecked, this can lead to self-serving behaviors, resulting in perceptions of a “toxic” or “oppressive” environment.

Creating a culture where individuals flourish and produce outstanding work demands deliberate effort.

At conjunction leadership, we don’t merely discuss aspirational goals. Instead, we initiate a transformation plan, guiding leaders to reshape beliefs, adopt new behaviors, and inspire their teams. It’s not about grand declarations but the genuine impact on people’s emotions.

Culture evolution is a journey. We employ the collective leadership assessment to track cultural progress based on leadership actions. As leaders evolve, so does the culture, propelling business success. After all, business growth is intertwined with personal growth.

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