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Post-Pandemic Leadership

In this episode, we explore Jim Bishop's journey from a successful 25-year corporate career, where he excelled in team building and leadership, to a moment of self-reflection that reshaped his life. Despite his achievements, including running 20,000 hours of global leadership programs, Jim faced the challenge of bureaucratic inefficiencies and personal sacrifices, particularly affecting his family and community roles. A critical point in a hotel room led Jim to reassess his life's direction, feeling stretched thin and disconnected. Choosing to focus on what truly mattered, Jim transformed his approach to life and work, integrating coaching into his professional and personal life, which rejuvenated his career and relationships.

Cracking The Code of Leadership Resilliance

Ready to elevate your leadership and create positive change? Discover the importance of personal growth on business success, strategies for emotional awareness, and how to embrace your unique strengths for a fulfilling entrepreneurial journey. Key Takeaways: Master self-improvement for leadership resilience Cultivate your internal compass for clarity and purpose Transform challenges into opportunities for growth Learn Jim's proven coaching techniques.

The Safety Gambit Ready to Take Charge of Your Career Journey with Jim Bishop and Lindsay Polic

How does career relate to your personal safety and a culture of safety at work? Listen along as safety expert Lindsay Polic dives deep with Jim Bishop on how taking charge of your career could be one of the most significant things you do to help create safety for yourself and others.

Rise Above Chaos Podcast with Eric Rheam

Jim discusses the changing role of leadership and how to get above the chaos in the entrepreurial startup world to focus on the founder's leadership and the impact on the culture.

A Geek Leader Audio

Jim sits down with John Rouda from A Geek Leader Podcast and explores the changing landscape of leadership and why we need to become better humans to thrive in this world.

Jim’s fitness journey and how it relates to coaching male clients

Jim discusses his fitness transformation journey and the effect that it had on his inner self, his business and his outlook on life. He is in studio with Martin Bugaj from Martin Bugaj Coaching.